April 1, 2017

Summer 2017


This summer we will be rolling out a steady supply of our Flagship beer…FUZZ.

This beer is our ever-evolving IPA…this means, we will always be changing the hops and the grain bill at almost every turn. This is the beer that will inspire us to create other IPA’s, and that will take us deeper into the progression, or regression of our industry.  

Along with FUZZ can releases, we will be completing the True Detective series of can releases.

For those who don't know, we are naming and releasing eight beers named after the eight episodes of the first season of True Detective. We have currently released “Long Bright Dark” an IPA fermented with coffee blossom honey, and “Seeing Things” a double IPA hopped with Nelson, Mosaic and Chinook. Next in line is “The Locked Room” (to be determined). Along with the True Detective series and FUZZ, we will be releasing Die in Haze once a month…nah, just kidding.


Currently we have released three bottles…State Street, Ognam, and Focus.

Each of these beers were bottle conditioned with different strains of Brettanomyces. After a great deal of sensory evaluation and research we have settled on a conditioning yeast that, we feel, will bring forth the most effervescent and refreshing saison (to our palates).

With this said…

We have eight different blends in the pipeline to be released this summer. From an 18 month old mixed culture saison (sour) fermented and conditioned in the same french oak barrels for it’s life, to a saison conditioned with Skagit Valley raspberries in french oak barrels for seven months, to a saison conditioned with peaches from East of the Cascades for six month in both french oak and stainless, to an array of single barrel saisons, that we as brewers were fascinated with and want to share with our customers.

Each of these bottles will be bottle conditioned in both 750ml and 500ml format.