April 1, 2017


Does Structures have a flagship beer? Yes, FUZZ and Isolation.

When did you open? 2015

What are your hours? Google them

Do you have a bottle club? Yes, but it is full. Please leave us your name and info and we will put you on a wait list.

Will you ever serve food? Not if you keep asking.

Do you distribute your beer? Yes, though very infrequently. We have about 30 accounts in Seattle, we work with DayOne Distro in Oregon and we have a handful of accounts in Bellingham.

Do you distribute cans? No. No. NO. But hopefully one day.

What do you guys drink? Hamms, High Life, Saisons of the dryest nature, IPAs that make us dream, Gin and Tonics, Wines of all varieties(good ones of course), and of course FUZZ.

Will Structures ever grow? Glad you asked...yes we will be growing very soon. AND. WE. CANT. WAIT.

Why don't you make more lager beer? We don't have enough tank space. Lagers take a while in production and we simply do not have enough tank space.